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If you’re considering a new boat purchase at Hughes Marine, we strongly recommend you take the opportunity to test ride a boat or observe a boat demo before making a steadfast commitment. Immersing yourself in a real boating experience enables you to assess its suitability for your lifestyle as opposed to merely going off looks alone. When you test drive a boat, you can witness the watercraft in action and experience its on-the-water performance. Whether you're a seasoned boater or are just dipping your toes into the marine world, our team is ready to assist you in arranging the perfect test drive or boat demo experience. Take the next step in your boat ownership journey and find the perfect companion to accompany you on countless water adventures.

  • Explore The Possibilities With Test Rides and Boat Demos

    The allure of the open water is an undeniable sensation, as it evokes a unique blend of freedom and serenity. When you test drive a boat or schedule a boat demo with Hughes Marine, you can easily picture yourself relishing weekends with loved ones, embarking on thrilling fishing expeditions, or partaking in invigorating water sports. We encourage you to test ride a boat from our inventory so you can assess the features and conveniences firsthand and determine if they align with your unique goals and preferences.

  • Test Drive a Boat to Confidently Conquer the Water

    These one on one experiences we offer at our dealership grant you the unique opportunity to delve deep into the boat's practicality, which can’t be known by mere observation. It’s important to test ride a boat so you can thoroughly evaluate whether the boat aligns with your specific requirements. Important features to consider include the amount of deck space, the type of amenities, and whether it can comfortably accommodate your family and friends on board. During your test drive with Hughes Marine, our expert dealers will guide you through all the watercraft’s features to ensure all your questions are answered to get you a step closer to boat ownership.

Settle for Nothing Less Than Perfection When You’re Out on the Water

Hughes Marine is a family-operated and owned business excited about all the boating possibilities for our customers. As an authorized dealer for Centurion, Supreme, and Four Winns Boats in Missouri, we have been serving boaters just like you for years. We’re proud to provide our customers with both new and used wakeboarding, wakesurfing, all-around — and even pontoon — boats. Plus, we have a fully stocked pro shop loaded with all the accessories, apparel, life jackets, and lake toys you’ll want or need for a perfect day out on your boat.

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