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About Four Winns

Four Winns places a strong emphasis on safety and reliability, implementing rigorous testing procedures and safety features to ensure the protection and peace of mind of both passengers and operators. At Hughes Marine, we're proud to provide boaters with Four Winns boats for sale that ensure they maximize their boating experience and have fun. Whether you're looking for a deck boat, surf boat, or outboard boat, our Four Winns dealership is fully equipped to meet your every need. Furthermore, our bowrider and deck boat dealers are ready to assist you in picking out the right boat depending on your preferred model, features, and style.

Reputable Four Winns Bowrider Boat Dealers

Our Four Winns boats are renowned for their versatile designs, making them suitable for various water activities. For example, the Horizon series from our Four Winns boats for sale features spacious seating, ample storage, and flexible configurations, allowing for effortless transitions between cruising, water sports, and leisurely outings with family and friends. Furthermore, as a bowrider boat dealer, we understand how crucial comfort and luxury are for a sophisticated experience on the water. This is why our Four Winns dealership has bowriders with comfortable seating, adjustable amenities, and elegant finishes.

Trust Our Deck Boat Dealers for the Perfect Selection

When searching for a deck boat, there are several qualities boaters should consider for a fun and safe water adventure. As a trusted deck boat dealer, we work with brands that prioritize stability and smooth performance. All our Four Winns boats for sale have robust hull designs and advanced stability features to ensure a steady and secure ride, even in choppy waters or during high speed maneuvers. The Four Winns TS series provides a smooth and controlled boating experience, making it an excellent choice for casual cruising and water sports activities.

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Commitment, Transparency & Continuous Support

As a reputable deck and bow rider boat dealer, our team is known for its clear and honest communication with customers. Here at Hughes Marine, we provide comprehensive information about pricing, warranties, maintenance, and other essential details. At our Four Winns dealership, we assist our clients with any inquiries, arrange test drives, and offer support even after their purchase to ensure their satisfaction with our services.

Four Winns Sterndrive Boats for Every Water Enthusiast!

We offer a range of sterndrive boats available for purchase, also called inboard-outboard (I/O) drives. These boats utilize a propulsion system that blends aspects of both inboard and outboard engines. The sterndrive setup enables the drive unit to tilt, enhancing maneuverability in shallow waters. This capability proves beneficial for boaters who love exploring coastal regions or maneuvering through narrow passages. Whether you're looking for a new or used sterndrive, you'll find what you need in our comprehensive inventory.

Outboard Boats for Sale that Serve You for Years

There are numerous compelling reasons to choose Four Winns as your primary or upgraded boat brand. They place a strong emphasis on first class construction quality, their boats boast stable V hulls, and they offer a diverse selection of boat makes and models to cater to all types of water enthusiasts. That's why we offer our customers a range of new and preowned outboard boats for sale, sourced from well known global brands like Four Winns. If you require assistance in kickstarting your boating experience and selecting the ideal outboard that suits your preferred style, our team is fully equipped to provide the necessary guidance and support.

Settle for Nothing Less Than Perfection When You’re Out on the Water

Hughes Marine is a family-operated and owned business excited about all the boating possibilities for our customers. As an authorized dealer for Centurion, Supreme, and Four Winns Boats in Missouri, we have been serving boaters just like you for years. We’re proud to provide our customers with both new and used wakeboarding, wakesurfing, all-around — and even pontoon — boats. Plus, we have a fully stocked pro shop loaded with all the accessories, apparel, life jackets, and lake toys you’ll want or need for a perfect day out on your boat.

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